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Be positive that your predominant pump is operating at least 10-12 hours per day.  This will range depending on the pool, however the pump must operate so as for the pool water to remain clear.  If you have a salt device, you may have to run the pump for even longer intervals, because the salt machine does now not perform until the pump is in operation.

If you have got a salt gadget, ensure that it's far turned up to the extent this is wished.  Although all pools are one-of-a-kind, we endorse that maximum salt systems be set to run at least 80%, if no longer a hundred%, in the course of this hot climate. pool installer  If you're unsure how to do this, take a look at your working instructions or give us a name and we will assist you.

Be sure to preserve your filter backwashed (or cleaned).

If you word that some thing isn't operating, deliver us a call at (940)891-0500 and we are able to make upkeep as essential.

Try to think beforehand approximately what is coming up in the week in advance.  Are you having a celebration developing?  Do you have a dog that swims? pool installer  Is there rain inside the forecast?  Asking questions like this could help assure that the pool remains clean and beautiful, and you avoid cloudy water and algae.


Having a swimming pool on your outdoor can be a amusing manner to keep cool throughout the hot summer season months. But keeping a pool is likewise hard paintings, mainly in case you want to maintain the water crystal clean all season lengthy. If you forget your pool at all, the water can flip cloudy, hazy and even inexperienced in a rush. But it simply takes a few key steps practiced frequently to keep your pool clear and glowing so it is always prepared for circle of relatives and friends to enjoy.


Maintaining proper chemical levels to your pool is the maximum important step in maintaining the water crystal clean. The key ranges to display are the chlorine and pH. Chlorine is used to kill germs and bacteria in pool water, so it plays an crucial position in maintaining the water clear. The pool’s pH level, which measures how acidic or alkaline the water is, affects how effective the chlorine is in keeping the water smooth. Use a water checking out package to degree the chlorine and pH ranges about twice per week – the chlorine must measure among 1.0 and three.0 elements in line with million, even as the pH degree need to study among 7.2 and seven.6. If the level chlorine level is low, refill your chlorine supply. If your pool’s pH is too high, you want to feature acid to the water to assist lower it. Muriatic acid and sodium bisuphate are the maximum not unusual acids used to decrease pool water pH. If your pool’s pH is too low, add an alkali like sodium carbonate to lessen the acidity.


Administer Shock and Algaecide Weekly

Even in case you hold proper chlorine and pH stages in your pool, the water may need a bit raise to maintain it clear and sparkling. Once a week, you have to shock or first-rate-chlorinate your pool to kill any lingering micro organism or algae that can be developing. Shock remedies are available at your pool supply store; make certain to examine the package deal commands carefully to realize how lots surprise to add to the water since it varies based totally on the dimensions of the pool. If you’ve noticed algae developing on the walls of your pool, you have to also treat the water with an algaecide, a product designed mainly to kill algae. Algae can flip your pool water inexperienced, yellow or cloudy, so it’s important to prevent the growth.


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